Thursday, June 19, 2008

$5 worth of knowledge

I took several boxes of "stuff" to donate this morning, Good Well, Half Price Bookstore, Dress for Success. I received two donation receipts at the end. What a relief to be able to hopefully put some of my old clothes for good cause. There were four brand new (two of them still had the price tags on it) suits and some pretty good clothes that I took to Dress for Success. Good Well received 2 boxes of my winter clothes, one comforter and one feather sleeping bag.

I also took two boxes of books, mostly textbooks to Half Price Bookstore. In five minutes, the guy at the other end of the counter told me he will take all of them for $5.

$5 worth of knowledge! All of the books, many of which were in hardcover, were older version. Imagine how much time those authors spent in writing those books, how many hours editors spent proofreading it, and finally went to print. Many trees later, the books are in our bookshelf only to worth nothing when it is out of date. "Can I just leave them here and you recycle them for me?" I asked the guy on the other side of the counter. "Sure," in his motionless voice.

So that goes the $5 worth of "knowledge"! Seriously, nobody should write and print books anymore. Put everything on the web so it can be updated all the time. You print only when you need to.

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