Sunday, June 29, 2008

last class

It went okay, in my opinion. Generally speaking, I don't like movie events since I feel it is dark, passive, and kind of waste of time. Just like last time, there were some technical issues. This is very unlike JD Master, who seems to always strive for excellence. Both times the technical parts were VERY sloppy and wasted some time at the beginning. He also picked a film that is R-rated or at least PG13 rated. There were many young children in the audience. He did not seem to realize so until the movie had started. Again, lack of planning and attention to details. In my opinion, a no-no. The movie itself is okay, not my type, a little too scary at parts and I am sure there are some better movies that can illustrate karmas.

There was no discussion at the end. He talked for like 1 minute about the movie then we were off for the party.

The "party" was multi purpose: graduation for the classes, farewell for another person and myself, and birthday party for June birthday. I did not mind combining things. After all, people are busy. And I know it is the "self ego" of me talking - but it appeared insincere from my view. I did not know it was also a farewell party for me. I would have dressed up or at least comb my hair. :-)

And again, I know it is the "think inside the box" me talking - but I disagree with the way the "birthday party" part went as well. So there were 3 June birthday people, 2 kids (6 and 9) and 1 older people (60). So Ven Hung I and JD Master each grabbed one kid in their arms while we sang birthday song. The older 60-year old was standing almost on the sideline. Then it was time to cut the cake. It was the 9-year old who rushed to be on the spotlight. I am old school but I think we should honor the 60-year old. But I know American is heaven for children! I did not like what I saw but that is just my opinion.

Ven Hung I said twice to me today that he wished I would come back soon. You know people say 好馬不吃回頭草. I used to think it means that if you are good enough, you don't need to craw back to your old job when the new one doesn't work out. Now I have had so many jobs, I understand that sentence differently. Now I think that if you are smart enough, you should not return to your old job (or old place, etc) because people have false expectation and frozen memories about you after you have left. That is a very interesting understanding. When I am at a job, like everyone else, I make mistakes, etc. But when I left, people remember ONLY the good parts about me and forget the other parts. Then they create this false expectation that if you return, you will fix their problems, put things back to how they were, etc. It is mission impossible! Things will never be the the way they were and such an unrealistic expectation cannot be fulfilled.

Okay, this writing is getting long. The whole moving thing is stressing me to the extreme! It is as hard as I have imagined. Attachment is like the shadow that you cannot get rid of!

Never had the chance to formally say Goodbye to JD Master today - last class and last time to see him until... maybe never.

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