Friday, June 13, 2008


Today I met Sabas, a very nice sales rep at CarMax. While waiting for my car to be appraised, we started talking. I shared with him that I am moving to Hawaii but then I complained about how expensive it is to ship my car. He immediately pulled out a piece of paper and wrote - P. A. W. S.

"Paws?" I questioned.
"This is what I told my children," Sabas looked straight into my eyes and with 100% sincerity, he continued, "it stands for Positive Attitude Will Succeed."

"If you keep reminding yourself this acronym when you feel down, you will always find something positive in any situation."

I am inspired by Sabas, a very gentle, sincere middle class, average America. When I told him I will be teaching at the University, with a little envy in his eyes, "you mean you are a professor?" With my confirmation, he complimented me, "you must have a lot of education. For me, I don't have very high education."

No matter how high a person receives his or her formal education, there is no substitute for life experience - PAWS. You don't learn PAWS in textbooks. You do by meeting people like Sabas.

Meeting Sabas was the best thing for my visit to CarMax. The appraised value is only $5,500. There is no way I would sale my car for that little. Even the appraisal engineer agreed that my car will be sold in no time because it is in great condition and very low millage. I know. So I am not selling it to CarMax. Sorry. :-)

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