Sunday, June 8, 2008

so you come back later

"I hope you settle down quickly. Keep in touch with TBA and I hope you come back soon"

Abbot called. It is heartfelt that he is sincere about helping me settling down in Hawaii. He called someone who then called her cushion -- Yuhui. Yuhui lived in Hawaii for many years but has just moved to Japan 2 months ago. Yuhui called me from Japan after talking to abbot I. We exchanged email address and skype account then talked on skype for a while. Even though she is in Japan now, she still visits Hawaii and knows a lot of people. She introduced me to Julia (Chu Hui) who is a real state agent and an active member at Fo Guan Shan. Yuhui was very happy to have spoken with me and she said, "now I can call the abbot back and report to him that my job is successful."

Sure enough, the abbot called me after they two have talked. The conversation with him was brief. Even though I was quite touched that he would go through the trouble to introduce me to these people, I was a little taken back when he said he wanted me to "come back soon."

Isn't this a little too late?

Of course he also indicated that we all of us in Hawaii, maybe he can come and visit us some time.


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